Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking Down on Shahrukh Khan

We checked out of the Intercontinental Hotel overlooking Marine Drive and the Arabian Sea and headed to Northern Mumbai to Bandra. Before we left we took one last taxi ride to the bazaar looking for Antique Gold Jewelry. There was none. We are staying at the Taj Lands End in Bandra. Our room on the 21st floor overlooks the Arabian Sea and Shahrukh Khan’s house. Kashmera had obtained a driver for us, and after checking in we drove to the Bandra Shopping Area. Bandra must mean jewelry store in Hindi, because there are enormous jewelry stores on every block. Once again we didn’t buy anything.

It was very hot and humid as we walked around Bandra. We returned to the hotel cleaned up had some wine and headed to a movie theater in Juhu. Our driver dropped us off and we met Kash and Krushna. Good news and bad news about the theater. First the Good News: There is no movie theater in the US that is as nice as the one we went to. The chairs have electric controls and recline like a first class sleeper seat on an airplane! You can actually lie flat and watch the movie. They issue everyone blankets I did sneak a bottle of wine in the theater. Now the bad news: the movie was 2012. An American Special Effects movie, we would never see in the US. The theater made it worthwhile going.

We then drove to a local non-touristy South Indian Restaurant and had great sea food. Kash and Krushna like the place and we could understand why. The food is served on banana leaves like they do in the south and you eat with your fingers. The food was great. Have you ever eaten rice with your fingers? Lick Lick!

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Courtney said...

Hard to believe that you left Bandra without pulling out your credit cards! I'll have to look up 2012 and see what it's all about - the movie theater sounds fun. So does the restaurant. Very jealous of Cathy's beautiful shirt. So now where will you go on your next adventures in Mumbai?