Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Hurry, No Worry

We spent a lot of the day in Coloba, the area surrounding the Taj Hotel. It is the oldest part of Mumbai and very colorful. First, however, we taxied over to a Kahdi Store. These stores sell fabric that is hand made in the villages. The fabric can then be stitched into shirts, pants, saris, etc. No one in this group bought a sari.

When we returned to the hotel we went back to a lot of the stores we knew from previous visits. It was lots of fun checking out the Indian fashions. Bombay is very hot about 95 degrees. They call this season winter. I would hate to be here in summer.

Kash and Krushna had provided a driver for us, but we actually never used him. We planned to drive to Bandra to meet them for dinner, but time got away from us. Instead, they drove to the Taj to pick us up and go out to dinner.

We went to one of our favorite seafood restaurants: Trishna. Johnny Apple of the The New York Times wrote it was one of his top 10 restaurants in the world. We think it is. It turns out that Kash and Krushna have never been there.

As soon as we entered, all heads turned towards us. Kash said that it is like that where ever they go. One person came up said what a fan he was and recommended a dish that we should get. Krushna got up to go the bathroom, and when someone came out they took his picture. It is amazing to be around stars. In reality, they crave the attention. The most amazing thing is that when a camera turns on them, they light up with smiles that are fabulous. I feel I never have a good picture taken of me, they almost never have a bad picture taken.
The fan suggested we get Bombay Duck. Turns out that Bombay Duck is a white fish. The food at the restaurant is very peppery and delicious. They served us fantastic Crab with Pepper sauce and a calamari dish. Krushna who is quite the cook and gourmand said it was some of the best fish he has ever had! That is quite a complement coming from him. We ate the entire dinner Indian Style, using just our right hand and no cutlery. It was a fun way to eat. We owe Kash and Krushna some great dinners when they return to Los Angeles. When we left the owner came over and wanted their autographs.

We were up early for a walking tour of historic Coloba. Our guide was great and explained the architecture and history of the area. Because it was a walking tour we had to cross many streets. We got to experience Indian driving from the pedestrians point of view. Unless you are a cow (no one would ever hit a cow in India) you have to have nerves of steel just to cross the street. Our guides motto was: No hurry, No Worry. Not a bad motto. We will use her upon our return to Bombay to discover areas that we want to see. In the afternoon we visited the Art Museums in the area. We also picked up the local paper where there was a paparazzi shot of Kash and Krushna from the Bollywood party we went to with them the previous night.

We packed and ate dinner at the hotel, for tomorrow we get up at 4:00am to leave for the airport to fly to Aurangabad, the gateway to the World Heritage Sites of Ajanta and Ellora. Hope there is Internet Connectivity in Aurangabad. Hope I can get up at 4:00am

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